Exciting things are heading this way!


Don’t forget to stop back next week to have some fun with the Banned Underground and their fabulous author, Will Macmillan Jones.  Pizza and cake will be provided, and punch if I can find my recipe (alas, no beer, as I’ve let my liquor license lapse).  But with Fungus and the gang, there’s bound to be some fun ahead, so drop on by and let the good times roll! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Exciting things are heading this way!

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      All kinds! I’m partial to pepperoni, myself, though plain cheese is nice sometimes, too. Or BLT – that’s good, too. Or pepperoni, mushroom, and tomato. Or pepperoni, green onion, and parsley. See? There’s a theme here. . . 😀


          • Roger says:

            Scotch bonnet is the strongest chile known to man. It’s positively toxic and about 20,000 times stronger on the chilli meter than jalapeño or whatever the strongest chile is supposed to be. You can only find it in Asian food shops. Give it a go – if you dare. But be careful and wear gloves when you’re preparing it.


          • Kay Kauffman says:

            Hmm, I think I’ll be staying away from that then. I’m not one of those lucky personages possessed of an iron stomach (or even an iron tongue). That’s not to say that I like my food bland – far from it, in fact – but I definitely don’t live by the adage, “The hotter, the better.”


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