WIP it! WIP it good!

The wip it good blogfestSo last Friday, I stumbled across a post about the WIP IT GOOD Blogfest.  I found the original detail post here and thought it sounded interesting, so I decided to participate.  There was just one tiny problem: My current pitch kinda sucked.  Like, bad.  So I thought, “Okay, no biggie, I’ll just fix it.”

Yeah, that turned out to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.

I finally finished the polishing this morning.  It took me a week of scribbling and thinking and trying not to pull all the hair out of my head (bald isn’t a good look for me), but I finally finished the polishing.  At least for now.  Till someone tells me it could be better.  Because really, in all honesty, it probably could be.  I’m still not convinced about the transitions between paragraphs.  And I’m only halfway through writing the darn thing, never mind revisions, so it could still go in a completely different direction.  But this is the direction in which it’s currently heading, and I think it’s on track to stay that way.  So.  A plan.  I kinda sorta maybe have one.  Possibly.

Anyway, to the deets!

WIP Title: The Lokana Chronicles: Fog of War
Word Count (Projected/Actual so far): Projected – approximately 100k; Actual – approximately 45,600
Genre: Adult Fantasy
How long have you been working on it? I’ve been working on this for about eight months.  I think I’m nearing the halfway point with it, but I find that the older I get, the quieter I need it to be to write as my ability to ignore background noise has disappeared with the onset of parenthood.  Any parent will tell you that quiet is hard to come by.  It always amazes me how much I can get written in a lunch break or during afternoon naps.

Elevator Pitch: Michael Briant just wanted to know what lay in the woods.  He never expected to find his destiny.

Brief Synopsis (250 words or less):

Michael Briant has it all – a nice home, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend.  But all he really wants is for his overprotective father to let him grow up.  Determined to prove he’s no longer a child, he ventures into the forbidden forest across town.  When he emerges, he finds himself in the primitive land of Lokana, standing face-to-face with the girl of his dreams.

Eridani, Crown Princess of Lokana, has been dreaming of Michael, too.  But when he bursts out of the forest speaking a language that only she and her mother know, she panics and has him arrested.  When her parents release him, her mother charges her with teaching him their language while they await his father’s arrival.

Michael has a choice: Return home with his father or stay in Lokana, where history seems about to repeat itself.  An outsider threatens to tear the Tolhana family apart and a vengeful son seeks payment for past wrongs.  But history isn’t through with them yet, for deep in the forest lurks a forgotten evil that could destroy both their worlds.

If Michael makes the wrong choice, everyone he cares about will pay the price.

Are you looking for a critique partner?  A critique partner would be lovely! 🙂

Are you looking for a beta reader?  A beta reader would be lovely, too. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “WIP it! WIP it good!

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Aw, yay! I’m glad you like it. I really hadn’t planned to do a sequel; I always thought TLC would be a stand-alone book. I just hope that when I’m done, this book won’t leave a bad taste in people’s mouths the way movie sequels so often do.


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