What’s in a name?

Names are stories, and in those stories are a person’s identity and culture.  -Icess Fernandez Rojas

I love that!  It’s so true, too, at least for my stories, anyway.  Think of it: a whole story, a saga, if you will, all summed up in a single word.  Now that’s mind-boggling.

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2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      You’re most welcome! I just love the depth of the statement. When I name a character (in my fantasy books), I often have a personality trait or some other attribute in mind that ties into their name, and this so perfectly illustrates all the behind-the-scenes stuff that I don’t always consciously think about.

      And why would it be any different for a flesh-and-blood person? Surely most of our parents had something in mind other than, “Oh, that sounds lovely, don’t you think?” when they chose our names. I don’t particularly like my name and in high school I thought about changing it, but I never did because, for better or worse, I’m Kay, not Catherine or Fiona or Bianca or any of the other names I tried on in my adolescence (thank you, Sra. Lennard for letting me choose a different Spanish name every year). My life is tied to that name and no other.


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