Blogging U. rocks my face off

Over the last twelve days, I’ve been participating in WordPress’s Blogging 201 course (no, I did not grab the badge – I don’t know why).  It’s been an absolute blast, and it’s also what prompted the recent design changes you may (or, if you’re like me and real observant, you may not) have noticed.  Today is Day Twelve, and today’s assignment is to create a poll or survey to gather more in-depth feedback about what readers like and dislike about my blog.

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a poll recently, anyway, so the timing of this seems like a great big hint to go ahead and do it.  If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I’m revising my fantasy novel, The Lokana Chronicles, for the bazillionth time.  You’d think that, having written two-thirds of the series, I’d have settled on individual titles for the books, but you’d be wrong.  I haven’t.  Everything I come up with is crap.

So!  Today’s poll is to pick the least crappy title of the ones that I’ve already brainstormed.  If, however, you’re not a regular reader here, you’re probably wondering what in the world The Lokana Chronicles is all about.  So, here’s the blurb, which I haven’t updated since I split the first book into two (and my duet became a trio):

When Lokana’s corrupt king and queen are murdered by a rogue priest, their son, Vegin, has two choices: plunge the kingdom into civil war or let his parents’ murderer go free. In an effort to distance himself from his father’s image, idealistic Vegin shows his murderous brother-in-law mercy, offering him a chance to help repair their society.

But Balil isn’t interested in collaborating. After Vegin names him High Priest, he works to destroy the monarchy – and the royal family – from within. When an ancient myth unexpectedly aids him in his quest to destroy the royal family, he becomes obsessed.

To save his family and reunite the kingdom, Vegin must defeat Balil, but he’ll need help. And aid in Lokana is nowhere to be found.


Behold, the poll:

If you have a better idea, please enlighten me!  All suggestions are welcome!  And thanks for participating! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Blogging U. rocks my face off

  1. Mirjam Penning says:

    That was a toughy to think about a title for a book in a genre I don’t write about.
    But I liked to give it a try.
    I must say, the story sounds great and I tried to come up with a new idea for a title by choosing other.
    Hopefully it’s helpful. 😉


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I feel your pain – I’ve been trying to come up with a better title for eight years. Thanks for participating! I’ve had a couple of people use the “other” field to suggest alternate titles, and there’ve been a couple of good ones. 🙂


  2. M T McGuire says:

    Ok, maybe try the inside story so something like Danger Within, Serpants Within, Fighting Destiny um… you can see I’m not very good at this either, that’s why mine are all called things like looking for trouble. But if I fling a few ideas out there maybe… Alliance with Evil, Hard Redemption, Alone Against the Storm, Alone Against Evil, Lost Cause? Lost Chance?

    Is any of that any help?




    • Kay Kauffman says:

      You definitely seem to be thinking in the same direction I was – I was working on the revision for Chapter One when I decided that the title should in some way illustrate that my main character is departing from his father’s established course of action and that he wants to go his own way, to be remembered on his own merits instead of being remembered as his father’s son. The trouble is that I can’t think of a succinct (yet catchy) way to say it.


  3. A.F.E. Smith says:

    Hmm, have you tried coming up with titles for all the books in the series? It might be easier to identify a theme for the whole series and then make sure the individual titles tie in with it, so they clearly go together as a set.

    I voted for Sins of the Father, which I like, but I’m not sure it sounds ‘fantasy’ enough. Off the top of my head, I wondered about something like The Price of Mercy. Or you could have subtitles for the different books in the series, you know, like Mercy’s Price 1: Corruption and Mercy’s Price 2: Redemption and so on. But I’m not very good at titles! This is just me thinking aloud in case it helps 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Well, I have a title for the third book, but I haven’t come up with anything yet for the second, partly because until a few weeks ago, it was part of the first book. At one point, I’d considered Fog of War for the second (now third) book, which actually really fits the second book (still haven’t decided if that’s what I want to call it, but I haven’t started revising that one yet, either). I like your idea about naming all the books at once; I hadn’t thought much about that when I started this one because it was originally supposed to be a stand-alone book, but then my brain refused to shut up. 🙂

      I’m not sure about Sins of the Father, either (though it’s my current working title). You’re right – it doesn’t sound overly fantasy-y. I really like The Price of Mercy; I think it’s going to go into the poll. Your thinking out loud has helped immensely!

      And congrats again on Darkhaven! 🙂


  4. M T McGuire says:

    For what it’s worth, The initials people are in agreement here! 😉 I think AFE has got something with Prince of Mercy and the whole naming it at once thing. I also agree with her that Sins of the Father sounds good but doesn’t sound fantasy. I named my trilogy all at once, although I have to confess that I’d decided to call the last book something completely different to the names of the two books it became. Sorry bit convoluted that but I’m sure you get my drift. So…

    What about calling it the Prince of Mercy series and then you can have, New Beginning, Prince of Mercy Series: Part 1 and so on…? That covers all the options. The second one could be something like Facing Darkness (naff sorry) and the third something like the Final Conflict.

    I dunno… is that any help?




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