Where is the time going?

Can you believe it’s Week 7 already? I know I can’t! Here, with some more great summer reads, is author, friend, and fellow Worldbuilder Sammy HK Smith.

Summer Reads Blog Tour – Week Seven

Sammy HK Smith

Week seven is already here, and it’s time to introduce Sammy HK Smith!  Sammy is another Authonomy friend who didn’t run away when I send a friend request via Facebook!  Some do you know…lol.  Anyway, along with others on this Blog Tour, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her and her writings.  You won’t want to miss out on her work and recommendations from Goodreads.  Here’ssssss Sammy!
Sammy lives and works in the sunny county of Oxfordshire in the UK with her husband, 14 cats, 2 dogs and hamster, Georgeski. When time allows, she writes. In Search of Gods and Heroes is her first book, and the first  of the Children of Nalowyn series.