Photo 365 #64

I can’t believe October is a third over already.  Pretty soon there’ll be snow on the ground, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.


In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and colors while I can get them, because they’ll be gone before I know it.

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Photo Friday: Beginnings

This picture actually features a beginning as well as a middle and an end:


The top notebook (as well as the draft beneath it) contains my revisions for The Price of Mercy.  I’m just over halfway through the rewrite/revision process, judging by total page count.  Of course, I still have a lot of work ahead, but I hope I’ll be able to start querying in January.  It’s definitely a stronger story now than when I initially queried it a couple of years ago (I still don’t know what I was thinking then).

But the bottom notebook holds a brand new short story that I started working on late yesterday afternoon.  It’s not as fluffy as my usual work, but I hope it’s good.

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(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.