Photo 365 #129

Abdominal surgery is the pits. Recovery means relaxing and taking it easy, but those are both easier said than done when you have two toddlers running around the house at mach 10. Luckily, Miss Tadpole and Bubbles have been wonderful helpers. They’ve been Toddler Distractors and Chefs Supreme, and Miss Tadpole was even a Baby Shower Ambassador this morning.


Last night, she fixed supper by herself for the first time. Bubbles fixed dinner, a frozen pizza, but Miss Tadpole fixed up a pan of Hamburger Helper. I sat in the kitchen and supervised, and everything came out wonderfully. That’s the best-tasting Hamburger Helper I’ve had in quite a while, as a matter of fact.

I hope I’m feeling better soon so that the kids can return to being kids. But in the meantime, I am unbelievably proud of the way they’ve stepped up to help out while I’m recovering. 🙂

How do your kids make you proud?

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