Photo Friday: Engaging!

After last week’s throwback post about my first date with Seymour, I thought I’d share a little about our engagement.  It, too, is a fun story, and one I love telling. 🙂

Greg&MeSeymour proposed on December 23, 2008, which happened to be my grandpa and step-grandma’s fifth wedding anniversary.  He had just died three months prior, so it was rather a sad day for her.  But not for me – I was anxiously awaiting the end of the day so I could get all gussied up for the ROTC military ball in a neighboring town.

I got my hair done after work, then hurried home to put on my beautiful black formal dress (complete with black gloves, pink wrap, and pretty tiara).  When I came downstairs looking all pretty (and feeling it, too), Seymour gave me a beautiful corsage of purple carnations and orchids.  Then we left for the ball at the Pipac Centre (fancy schmancy, if you didn’t know).

When we arrived, there were all of six cars in the parking lot. Seymour looked around and said, “That’s not right; there should be fifty or sixty cars here.”  He parked the truck and said, “You stay here and I’ll go see what’s going on.”

He came back a few minutes later.  “I have some really, really good news: behind the cut!

Photo 365 #253: Complete

odenbGoodbye, sweet notebook.
For seven long years, you’ve been
A great friend, there through

Thick and thin, good times
And bad.  We’ve shared letters, we’ve
Shared stories.  You helped

Me commemorate
My grandfather; you helped me
Celebrate my new

Marriage; you helped me
Edit, revise, and rewrite
So many projects.

And now, at last, you’re
Complete.  You’re full.  Your pages
Can contain no more.

I’ll miss you, notebook.
The cheerful colors on your
Cover never failed

To brighten my day;
The cheery yellow of your
Pages did the same.

You were a grand one,
Notebook.  I hope you enjoy
Eternity in

That big notebook pile
In my desk, along with all
Your many siblings.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.