Photo 365 #297

Cricket’s godmother and her family were here for a visit yesterday, and I was very impressed with my guy.  He shared his bunny with his little cousin, he held him, he helped feed him; he even watched him while he slept.  He was quiet and gentle and it was amazing to watch.


He loves his little godbrother.

Naturally, Thumper had to have a turn, too:


Thumper took a bit more convincing, but he managed to sit still and be quieter than normal for much longer than normal.  I was very proud of him, too.

It’s hard to believe they were ever so little and still, especially now that they’re both back to running around the house at mach 10 again this morning.

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Photo 365 #296

Thumper played so hard today. The kids put the boys down for naps early in the afternoon, but Thumper insisted, as usual, that he wasn’t tired.

Then we sat down to watch ABC Family’s Harry Potter marathon, and this happened:


And the Energizer Bunny is down for the count...

He started off snuggled up against Cricket’s godmother, who was visiting with her family, but pretty soon, he was down for the count. Once he was down, he did not want to wake up. Of course, when we told him supper was imminent, he decided that maybe he’d better return to the Land of the Conscious.

I was impressed – he spent several minutes-long periods actually being still. That almost never happens. 🙂

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Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Tour, day seven!

Sadly, I have no infographic for you today, but I hope you’ve learned a bit about book piracy and its effects.  I also hope that you’ve checked out some of the books I’ve shared this week and that, if you have, you’ll enjoy them.  I’ve got several on my TBR list that I can’t wait to get to.  If you’ve picked up any of these books, please review them!  Review them anywhere – on Amazon, Goodreads, even your blog.  Next to purchasing all their available books, a review is the best way to thank an author for the enjoyment they’ve given you. 😀

If you’d like to learn more about ebook piracy, you can check out our website.  It’s full of information and resources.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card!

Even though I don’t have any more piracy stats for you today, I do still have free books to feature.   Today’s books are…

Photo Friday: Wait, what?

It’s Friday again?  Already?  But I just went back to work from a long weekend yesterday…How is it Friday again so soon?  WHAT HAPPENED TO MAY?!?!?!?!

On a related note, what happened to the last thirteen years?  I mean, really – how is it that it’s now been 20 years since the ’90s?

Yes, I’m feeling a bit old this week.

Since the thirteenth anniversary of my high school graduation was this past Tuesday, this week’s throwback photo is one of many from that bittersweet day and features some of my closest friends from high school.  One has since disappeared off the face of the earth, but I think I saw her a few years ago as I stopped at a local convenience store on my way to work one morning, and she didn’t look any different (though I’m pretty sure she didn’t see me, or I’d have been late to work that day).

Oh, Gretchen, how we miss you!

Oh, Gretchen, how we miss you!


Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Tour, day six!

pirated percentage

That’s a heck of a lot of ebooks, especially when you consider how many ebooks are published in this country every year.  If you’re looking for something new to read, check out the free books below instead of pirating something else.  Help an author out!

To learn more about ebook piracy, check out our website.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card!

Today’s free books are…

Photo 365 #294: Five things every parent of boys should know

wpid-20150528_093835.jpgIf you’ve followed this blog for any length of time (or even if you’ve just checked out my About page), you’ll know I have four kids. Three of them are boys; two of my children are rapidly approaching their crazy, mixed-up teenage years; and two of them are toddlers. Getting a toddler to do what you want them to when you want them to do it is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone; it ain’t gonna happen, and my morning spent trying to do just that (wrangle toddlers, that is) largely inspired this post.

Do these apply to all boys? Of course not. Do they apply to girls, too? You betcha. But I’m dealing with boys at the moment, so here’s what I know:

Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Tour, day five!

lost sales

Wow.  That’s a lot of money.  But it’s not just publishers who are hurt by piracy, it’s authors.  When a book is pirated, authors don’t see any royalties from it.  The big names we all know, the J.K. Rowlings and the Stephen Kings and the Tom Clancys (or their estates, in Tom Clancy‘s case), are few and far between in reality.  Many authors struggle to pay the bills with their writing, and most of us have day jobs we’d love to ditch but can’t afford to.  For us, piracy can be devastating.

To learn more about ebook piracy, check out our website.  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card!

And when you’re done, check out today’s free book…

Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Tour, day four!

indie earnings

I’d believe it.  At the rate I sell books, I’ll be lucky to see $1,000.00 in my lifetime, never mind a year.  Everyone wants something for nothing, but it takes a lot of time and money to put together a good-quality book.

Like O.J. always told us (my high school econ teacher, not the disgraced former football player), there’s no such thing as a free lunch – someone always pays.

Except for you today.   Today’s free book is…