Photo 365 #283

Yesterday morning, I hit the streets with my mother-in-law to go garage saleing.  It was time for city-wide garage sales in the neighboring town, and we had a ball.  The city publishes a map of the town with a list of all the sales and puts them out at the local grocery and convenience stores, so we grabbed our copy and headed out.

There were 31 sales on the list and a whole bunch more besides (it costs five bucks to have your name on the list), and we hit a ton of them.  We went to half the sales on the list and I don’t know how many that weren’t.  We saw all sorts of things, from a solid wood rolling pin that could really do some damage if used as a weapon to a stock tank someone had used for a kids’ swimming pool.  There were a couple of estate sales, a couple of plant sales, and several people selling baked goods in addition to other stuff.

We even saw a couple places selling everything including the kitchen sink. 🙂

I lucked out and found…