The Photo Friday throwback continues!

IMG_20150507_0001Today’s photo features me as a teenager.  Well, I’m in there somewhere – see that little speck of purple?  That’d be me. 🙂

Way back when, my friends and I had lots of fun shooting roll after roll of film on my little point-and-shoot camera.  I have so many great photos from my teen years!  What I love about this one is the color – just look at all those greens!

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What did you enjoy doing with your friends in your younger years?

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Photo 365 #274

In the process of picking up the yard Saturday, I also pruned my rhubarb patch.  It was starting to go to seed, so I pulled the seed pods out and tossed them in a pile, but the thing about pulling seed pods is that they often pull up a stalk or two of rhubarb along with them.

I figured as long as I was inadvertently pulling rhubarb, I may as well pick some intentionally, too.

2015-05-02 16.33.46

I picked all of this rhubarb Saturday afternoon, and there’s lots more where that came from!