Photo 365 #271

Miss Birdie and me. :) Photo by Seymour

Miss Birdie and me. 🙂
Photo by Seymour

Well!  Now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I’m feeling a little more with it today (but only a little bit because, once again, I’m being plagued with headaches and hoping they sort themselves out sooner rather than later).  So, about my fun-but-exhausting weekend…

Saturday we spent the better part of the day picking up sticks and pine cones so that Seymour could mow the lawn after work.  We have a couple acres and a lot of trees, so it took for-freaking-ever.  We were out there till well after dark, and it stormed Saturday night and Sunday morning, so now all the sticks we picked up are once more littering the yard. *sigh*  This was the first time we’ve mowed lawn this year, and it badly needed cutting.

Sunday we headed south for my goddaughter, Birdie’s, baptism.  I hadn’t yet seen Miss Birdie, even though she’s five weeks old, and I may or may not have monopolized the baby-holding.

*whistles innocently*

Okay, fine, I held her so much that the priest kept mistaking me for her mother and someone joked about needing the jaws of life to pry her from my arms.  But it was all in good fun.  I was so excited about being asked to be Miss Birdie’s godmother that I literally bounced around my room for half an hour after I got the phone call, and I didn’t stop smiling all that night.  I didn’t stop smiling much on Sunday, either, and Seymour got some great pictures of me holding her. 🙂

When we got home Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and it was absolutely gorgeous, so Seymour and Bubbles commenced work on a sandbox for the kids.  When he and I first moved in together, he had a great sandbox, complete with lid, for Miss Tadpole.  When we got married, though, we moved to a bigger house and had to leave the sandbox behind.  Our new yard was too small to accommodate a sandbox, or even a swingset, so when we bought our farm, he started imagining all the things he wanted to put in for the kids (we still don’t have the swingset…yet).

Even outside cats love boxes!

Even outside cats love boxes!

It’s a big sandbox, eight feet by eight feet, and comes complete with doors to keep the sand covered.  We still have a couple things to do before we order the sand, like level out the ground around it and line the bottom with a tarp, but it’s nearly ready to go.  The kids are going to have such fun with it this summer!

Between stooping and squatting and lifting and duck-walking half the weekend, it’s no wonder I’m still a bit on the sore and tired side today.  I’m in absolutely horrible physical shape, and while I know I should work on that, I just don’t like exercise.  It’s too bad typing doesn’t burn more calories, because if it did, I’d be in phenomenal shape. 😀

What about you?  How did you spend your weekend?  Was it fun?  Exhausting?  Tell me all about it!

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