For today’s challenge, I had a little bit of fun:

My younger two boys go everywhere together, and they’re so similar in size that I get asked all the time if they’re twins (they’re not). The first image is of my father-in-law exploring an auction with them. The second image is my husband exploring our new farm with the same two boys. I love that I was able to create two such similar photographs. These are two of my favorite pictures of my boys.

Do you have favorite candid shots of your family?

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10 thoughts on “Double

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I would love to have pictures like that of my kids! Sadly, it won’t happen, but I love that I got these two of them with their dad and their grandpa. What really makes it special is how alike they look – my husband and my father-in-law look a lot alike, and Cricket, the older of my two sons pictured here, looks exactly like my husband.

      Not that you can see that since they’re facing away from the camera in both shots, but still… 🙂

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