Photo Friday on a Tuesday!

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So today’s photo post is all about the weekend!  I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend and it was beautiful.  The church was gorgeous, everyone was dressed to the nines, and the reception was lovely.  My uncle (the groom’s father) is a beekeeper and made the unity candles that were used during the service in addition to providing the party favors for the reception – miniature jars of honey!  Yum yum. 🙂  The wedding featured three officiants: Rev. Ramona Bouzard from Wartburg College, David and Laura’s alma mater (I also went there for a year – go Knights!); the minister from the church they got married in whose name escapes me at the moment; and Laura’s father, Randy.  Randy performed the vows portion of the ceremony and when Laura’s voice broke after the first line, he said, “You don’t have to cry just because I am!”  That was my favorite part of the whole service because it was so sweet.

However, I’m so tired that I can’t seem to type (and I’ve been trying to since I sat down to write this post yesterday).  So instead of me blathering on about how hard it was to watch my cousin marry the woman of his dreams because he’s really more like my kid brother than my cousin, I think I’ll just let you all have a look-see at some of the pretty, pretty pictures captured by Heather Rissler Botine.

Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July tomorrow!  Stay safe, wherever you are!

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Home is where your story begins…

…and we finally have one now!  Greg closed on our house yesterday and so last night was our first night as a family in our new house.  We had a special supper to celebrate: marinated pork chops, green beans, and mashed potatoes, yum yum.  The kids even got to have a little pop, which they were super excited about.  Since we’d been staying with my aunt and uncle and I thought we would be staying with them again last night, I had to run to their place after supper to pick up my suitcase and things took an exciting turn while I was gone.  We had decided to do a load of laundry before I left, so we headed down to the basement with the dirty clothes and figured out together how to run the washer.  At first we couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work, but then we realized it was just unplugged, so we fixed that and thought we were set.  Note: This washer looks like it jumped straight out of 1965.  When I got home from Aunt Melissa’s, the basement door was wide open and there was a funny smell in the kitchen that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Turns out there was a reason the washer had been unplugged: the motor in it is bad and the stupid thing started on fire.  So after we wrung out the clothes and got wet because the utility sink next to the washer drains straight onto the floor instead of to a pipe, we went upstairs, made some popcorn, cracked open a bottle of wine, and curled up with The Beautician and the Beast.  But not before Greg made a lovely toast that started off with, “To my beautiful bride-to-be…”  I seem to have forgotten the rest of it (I think my brain has shut down for the week already), but it was very sweet and made my fangirly heart squee like the teaser commercials for the season 4 finale of Bones.  I am so lucky!

Well, I think I’d best leave it at that for now.  More about the new house adventures later!

Four days till September 26…

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No news

Sorry.  There’s just not much to tell lately.  I really haven’t felt like writing all that much, which is rather odd for me.

So to update, we’ve finally settled on the bridesmaid dresses.  Yay!  One thing down, 970 million more to go.  Um, I’m being confirmed at church Saturday night.  And my tummy hurts.  Apparently all the antacid I took after lunch hasn’t kicked in yet.  It really needs to, though, cuz I’ve had awful heartburn since yesterday and it needs to go away.

I actually made some progress on my type-up-all-my-old-stories project.  I got one all typed up and I started on another one.  Oh my God.  Seriously.  I knew they were bad, but holy crap, I didn’t realize the exact extent of the horror.  Yikes!  I should be shot for writing such utter drivel.  Aside from the fact that every time someone asks my character to tell them about herself, she gives them her life story in one paragraph, well, there are really no words to describe just how bad it was.  I kept making remarks like, “It’s a good thing I never got knocked up at fifteen like some people do because I’d have stuck my kid with a truly heinous name,” or, “You have got to be kidding me.  What the hell was I thinking?!”  And I thought these were good once upon a time?  I was out of my freaking mind!  Greg asked me why I was typing them all up if they were so bad.  I told him it was so that I had a record of what I used to write.  “Oh, so you’re not going to have them published?” he asked.  “Oh, HELL no!”  I replied.  “I’d die of embarrassment!”

And I would.  They are true horrors.  *shudders*  And yet, I keep on going…

We got 8 inches of swearing Sunday.  This is April, dammit.  That’s not supposed to happen.  When they said April showers bring May flowers, they meant rain!  Not white crap!  NO MORE WHITE CRAP!!

Okay, I think I’m done now.

But on the subject of crap, my long-awaited piece of BSB-inspired fluff is nearing completion.  Yay!  Because everyone loves a good bit of fluff, right?  Right?  You know I’m right.

*sigh*  I hope this afternoon goes by as quickly as this morning did because I just want to go home and curl up in bed.  I seem to be feeling rather averse to productivity today.  So with that, I think I’ll go back to doing quizzes on Facebook and hope that this time, stupid WordPress will post my entry when I tell it to instead of saving 90% of it as a draft and losing the rest of what I typed.  I hate when things of that sort happen.  Stupid computer glitches.  If I could remember everything that I typed, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, I guess, but my memory sucks, so there ya go.  Apparently my computer sucks, too, but I already had suspicions of that.

Friday needs to hurry up and get here.

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So proud!

I always knew Iowa rocked.  Yay Corn State!

So it seems that I never got around to posting anything yesterday.  Whoops.  Must have been the Class 3 Skull-Splitter messing with my head.  Or the actual work that I had yesterday.  They just kept piling it on!  I love days like that, where I have things to do.  It makes the time pass so much faster.  I really appreciate it when the work day flies by because frankly, I would much rather be at home.  It’s a lovely day outside and my boys will be home by 3:00.  The only thing missing is me!  How I wish I could cut out early.

In other news, a good friend of mine has been having rather a hard time lately.  She’s lost several relatives, all within a few months of each other, as well as a very good friend.  I called her the other night to chat and she had just found out that her uncle had passed away earlier that day from a massive heart attack.  I really hope things will start going better for her.  Maybe today’s news will cheer her up!  I hope so.

Spring is totally in the air today.  The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, the wind has finally calmed down, and there’s a lovely crispness in the air.  It’s beautiful!  And they’re discussing possible swearing over the weekend.  Apparently the meteorologists haven’t gotten the memo that says since it’s now April, it’s not allowed to swear anymore.  Swearing is only allowed in winter and since it is clearly not winter anymore, swearing is strictly and expressly forbidden.  The Great Kay has spoken.

*sigh*  I keep staring out the window and thinking of Time Enough for Drums.  I suppose I always think of it in the spring because it was springtime when I first read that book.  Also I think of it because there’s a lovely passage about Jem losing herself to the spell of John reading French and staring out the window into the inviting April day and getting scolded for daydreaming.  I love that book.

And now I suppose I’ll get back to searching the internet for work-related items of non-interest…

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Something awesome

So I checked out Austenbook earlier this week and it is totally and completely awesome. I happened to notice that at the bottom of the page, it said it was inspired by Sarah Schmelling’s Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition).  I thought to myself, Hey, I like Shakespeare, so I bopped on over to check it out.  After having read Shakespeare for Dummies and the play synopses located therein, I now have a basic understanding of what Hamlet was about, so I found this rather amusing.  Now I need to actually read Hamlet.  I’ve read several of the other plays and I might even have Hamlet at home thanks to the wonderful Shakespeare treasury I got at the Planned Parenthood Book Fair this spring.  I just can’t remember now if I bought the tragedies or the comedies.  One of the sets was missing a volume, so I left that set there, but now I don’t remember which one I bought.  Oh, well…I hear the bookstores are a wonderful place to be this time of the year…Or actually, any time of the year!

I felt an urgent need to update you all about the awesomeness that is mentioned above, primarily because I felt an intense and urgent need to procrastinate again.  Ah, procrastination, what would life be like without you?  Oh, that’s right…it would suck horribly…

And now to look forward to a weekend full of chick flicks, romance novels, and all things Christmasy!  Woo!

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Are the shades of Pemberly to be thus polluted?

I can hear Judi Dench in my head now.  No one could have played Lady Catherine better.  Judi Dench is absolutely marvelous when she’s being imperious!

I’ve been in rather a Jane Austen kind of mood lately.  If I didn’t have class tonight, I think I would sit down and pop in P&P.  The shorter of the two versions, naturally.  And if I had the mental capacity for it, I’d sit down with the book.  Perhaps I’ll do that this weekend…

In other news, the trees have been absolutely beautiful lately.  I love fall.  There’s this one turn between Grundy and Eldora where you drive through a thicket of trees and the trees are like a patchwork quilt of color.  When you actually come into Eldora you cross over the Iowa River and the trees along the banks are the same way; it’s a patchwork quilt of color.  Lots of browns and golds and reds and oranges, with a little green mixed in to liven things up.  Gorgeous.  Gorgeous, I say, gorgeous!

In other news, it frosted last night.  Hmm, guess I used that opening already.  Oh, well.  Too tired to be terribly clever or original today.  I’ve been up late the last couple of nights.  I really need to get to bed early tonight.  I wonder if Mrs. Hayek is back yet…

I wonder if the fishies realize the futility of swimming near the edge of the tank in hopes of escape…I wonder if the flurries the lousy weatherman was predicting yesterday will arrive…I wonder if I will really eat the better part of the new package of Oreos all by myself…I wonder what would happen if I did…I wonder what will happen next…I wonder…

I wonder if I’ve bored anyone to tears yet?

I wonder if anyone really cares that I am a Jane Austen-obsessed chocoholic.  I saw a Facebook flair the other day that fits me perfectly.  It said: I need books like I need chocolate.  Desperately!  So true.  So, so true.  And so deliciously perfect!

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*girly giggle*

I’m just a wee bit giddy now.  I had a surprise visit from the hunnybunny while I was at work!  With flowers!  Very pretty blue and purple somethings.  I’ll have to take pictures.  That was so sweet of him!

I actually was out running errands when he stopped, but since he hadn’t quite gotten to where I work, it worked out.  I was on the corner waiting for the light to change when he pulled up.  I was talking to him on the phone at the time (he’d tried to call a couple times and I hadn’t answered), so when he suddenly yelled, “Hey, you sexy lady!” I didn’t realize at first that he was right in front of me.  Hey, it was bright outside and I was without sunglasses!  And yes, I’m easily confused, as I’m sure he noticed…when I looked up and finally spotted him, he was half-laughing at me, but I don’t care.

*sigh*  Only one hour and eleven minutes till I get to go home and hang out with him and my baby all night!  Yay!  Come on, time, hurry up!  Go faster!

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