So proud!

I always knew Iowa rocked.  Yay Corn State!

So it seems that I never got around to posting anything yesterday.  Whoops.  Must have been the Class 3 Skull-Splitter messing with my head.  Or the actual work that I had yesterday.  They just kept piling it on!  I love days like that, where I have things to do.  It makes the time pass so much faster.  I really appreciate it when the work day flies by because frankly, I would much rather be at home.  It’s a lovely day outside and my boys will be home by 3:00.  The only thing missing is me!  How I wish I could cut out early.

In other news, a good friend of mine has been having rather a hard time lately.  She’s lost several relatives, all within a few months of each other, as well as a very good friend.  I called her the other night to chat and she had just found out that her uncle had passed away earlier that day from a massive heart attack.  I really hope things will start going better for her.  Maybe today’s news will cheer her up!  I hope so.

Spring is totally in the air today.  The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, the wind has finally calmed down, and there’s a lovely crispness in the air.  It’s beautiful!  And they’re discussing possible swearing over the weekend.  Apparently the meteorologists haven’t gotten the memo that says since it’s now April, it’s not allowed to swear anymore.  Swearing is only allowed in winter and since it is clearly not winter anymore, swearing is strictly and expressly forbidden.  The Great Kay has spoken.

*sigh*  I keep staring out the window and thinking of Time Enough for Drums.  I suppose I always think of it in the spring because it was springtime when I first read that book.  Also I think of it because there’s a lovely passage about Jem losing herself to the spell of John reading French and staring out the window into the inviting April day and getting scolded for daydreaming.  I love that book.

And now I suppose I’ll get back to searching the internet for work-related items of non-interest…

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