MBS strikes again

It’s been rainy today.

Not the kind of steady rain that makes me long to curl up with a book and a blanket and a nice cup of tea, but the kind of deluge that makes me begin a mental inventory of everything in the basement that might possibly be damaged if the sump pump breaks down and the water begins to rise. It’s not been the kind of thunderstorm that me long to sit and watch roll by from the comfort of a swing on my front porch, but the kind of thunderstorm that makes me turn on the TV so I can catch the latest weather updates, even as I compulsively check my phone for the same thing.

The power flashed here, but didn’t completely go out. The wind howled as if a blizzard were on the way. The rain hit my windows with such force that I wondered if it wasn’t hail instead. And in under an hour…


Hibernation station

Holy buckets, is it cold out there! How cold is it?

It’s so cold that I passed a bunch of penguins on my way to work this morning. 😀

The worst part is that this is an improvement from the weekend. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I’m busy playing catch-up on pretty much everything after taking care of two sick kiddoes last week, so please excuse my probable absence here this week. In addition to catching up on stuff, I’m also in the midst of reading a fantastic new book. Have no fear – I’ll share my thoughts once I’m finished! It’s a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for some time now, so I suppose I’d better get back to it while I still have a few minutes to spare. 😉

Have a great day, everybody, and in case I don’t see ya, have a great rest of the week as well! 🙂

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I’ve spent the weekend trying to kick a terrible cold to the curb. It doesn’t help that it’s been terribly cold outside as well. We had our first snow of the season on Friday, and I really could have done without it. The kitties seem to agree with me:


George is not amused. Mr. Fluffy demands a return to warmer times.

On the other hand, it was very pretty to look at from my blanket cocoon…

Have you encountered any of the vile whiteness yet? Are you ready for it?

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Photo 365 #356

Hey, what’s that blue stuff?

2015-07-29 07.18.34

The sky, you say?  Impossible.  Our sky is all gray and overcast and full of rain.  This bright blue thing can’t possibly be sky.

Can it? 😀

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Photo 365 #355

It’s another darkish, rainy day, so I thought a bit of sunshine was in order:


Now if only the sky looked as bright as this beautiful bloom. *sigh*

How’s the weather where you are? Is it beautifully sunny or dank and dreary?

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Photo 365 #341

This is what we’ve been dealing with lately:


The worst part is that this was an improvement – it had read 106° a couple minutes before this.  The even worse part is that this is how hot my car got with the windows cracked.


How’s your weather?

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Photo 365 #314

Here’s one of the flower shots I mentioned yesterday:

2015-06-03 19.21.04

I spent a good half hour outside trying to get my flowers to sit still and behave for me before giving up and heading back inside. Of course the one night I have a few free minutes to play with my camera is the night the wind decides it needs to blow steadily at 20 mph (the gusts were stronger than that).  I took a bunch of pictures, but this one turned out the best.

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Photo 365 #230

Well, so much for it being spring…


We’ve had two ice storms since the official beginning of spring.  Neither one have been too severe, but they’ve been bad enough to make getting around a pain in the butt.  It rained yesterday, but it was just cold enough that the rain froze on whatever it hit.  When I got home from work last night, even the grass was slick.

At least it’s supposed to warm up next week…

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Photo 365 #228

Yesterday was a great day.  I hung out with family, I ate great food, I watched Buffy, I wrote.  A lot.  Well, more than I have been lately, at any rate.

And then last night, after suffering through the UNI defeat vicariously through Seymour, I was rudely awakened about 2:30 a.m. by the crash of thunder.  Jagged streaks of lightning ripped apart the sky outside my window as the wind howled in agony.  Something clicked and clacked against the window, and I groaned.

2015-03-23 08.11.02

When I awoke this morning, these pretty little pellets were all over the place.  School delayed two hours to give the road crews a chance to clear the highways.  But I still had to venture out on time this morning, braving the ice-slicked roads to get to work.

Luckily, the road we live on was the worst.  Once I hit the east-west road that takes me the majority of the way to work, the roads were much less slick.  I’m grateful that we haven’t had more ice this year, and I hope we won’t have any more storms like the one we had last night until it’s warm enough that the rain stays liquid.

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Photo 365 #202

It’s the snowpocalypse!

That’s right, we’re finally getting our share of snow here in the Midwest, and boy, do I wish the forecast had been right the first time.  That forecast had most of the snow falling overnight, meaning I wouldn’t have to drive in it.  But the revised forecast had it starting this morning, and it came pretty much when they said it would.

It hasn’t let up since.

I’ve been documenting it on Instagram all day, and I’ll probably post another picture just before I leave.  Suffice it to say, we’ve had quite a bit of snow in a short amount of time, and it ain’t even close to over.  *sigh*

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