Photo 365 #228

Yesterday was a great day.  I hung out with family, I ate great food, I watched Buffy, I wrote.  A lot.  Well, more than I have been lately, at any rate.

And then last night, after suffering through the UNI defeat vicariously through Seymour, I was rudely awakened about 2:30 a.m. by the crash of thunder.  Jagged streaks of lightning ripped apart the sky outside my window as the wind howled in agony.  Something clicked and clacked against the window, and I groaned.

2015-03-23 08.11.02

When I awoke this morning, these pretty little pellets were all over the place.  School delayed two hours to give the road crews a chance to clear the highways.  But I still had to venture out on time this morning, braving the ice-slicked roads to get to work.

Luckily, the road we live on was the worst.  Once I hit the east-west road that takes me the majority of the way to work, the roads were much less slick.  I’m grateful that we haven’t had more ice this year, and I hope we won’t have any more storms like the one we had last night until it’s warm enough that the rain stays liquid.

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