I’ve spent the weekend trying to kick a terrible cold to the curb. It doesn’t help that it’s been terribly cold outside as well. We had our first snow of the season on Friday, and I really could have done without it. The kitties seem to agree with me:


George is not amused. Mr. Fluffy demands a return to warmer times.

On the other hand, it was very pretty to look at from my blanket cocoon…

Have you encountered any of the vile whiteness yet? Are you ready for it?

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9 thoughts on “Blargh

  1. Ocean Bream says:

    Vile whiteness! Oh I am cheering this whiteness on! It’s painfully (i mean that quite literally) cold, and the frost settled in quite early on in the night, but winter to me is magical and the snow is much anticipated. I hope your cold gets well and truly kicked this week! Here are some good wishes for your health 🙂

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    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Thank you! I finally remembered to buy some decongestant this noon, so here’s hoping it helps! 🙂

      It was painfully cold here this weekend, too, and while I agree about winter being magical and beautiful, I really hate driving home in blinding snowstorms. Too bad I can’t just stay at home with my blankie in days like Friday… 🙂

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  2. markrhunter says:

    We got about six inches of snow a few days ago — officially four inches at the NWS site 40 miles away, which is about twice the previous record for that day. Northeast Indiana averages about two inches of snow in November, so I’m pretty much done with it.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I was done with it before it started. I hate dealing with snow, and I had to drive home in it the other night. My half-hour drive took an hour. On the bright side, at least I stayed out of the ditch…


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