How I got (back) to the Brook

These are very, very, VERY general directions, you understand.  Also, this trip will take years.  Decades, even.  But it’s totally worth it – even the bad parts.  And oddly enough, this is something I’d been thinking a little bit about already, as one of the many people I spoke with last night at my book signing asked if I’d been anywhere else, aside from my hometown and my adopted hometown.

So, kind woman, if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy the book you bought from me and I hope this answers your question. 🙂

1. Start at the Grundy Hospital.  Cry, scream, bawl, but also be cute enough to make those two big people take you home with them.  They look nice.

2. Follow the big people to Reinbeck.  Grow up a little, gain a sister, make some friends.

3. Refuse to leave home when the rest of the family wants you to go with them after the woman dies.  Insist on staying with the man who brought you home from the hospital.  Make more friends, who help you out when things get tough (and they get tough a lot).  Never give up.


4. Go
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