Writing is hard, yo

So I saw this on Twitter, thanks to today’s Writing 101 assignment post:

And I have to say that it’s like Mr. Grossman was reading my mind when he wrote it.  Sometimes it’s really nice to know that you’re not as alone as you feel, especially when your favorite pastime is a solitary one. I’m terrible about comparing myself to other writers – for the most part, I come away from books feeling that other authors are much better/faster/more talented than I am and that I’ll never reach the heights I aspire to.

Then I read something like this, or I listen to songs like “Keep On Movin’,” and I feel a little bit better.  I just hope the feeling will fade as time goes by (and hopefully, as contracts come my way).

What about you – do you have a passion that this tweet could describe?  Tell me what you’re passionate about in the comments!

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