More things I like

IMG_20130828_121254And now, because I thought of a bunch more things I like after my post the other day, here are some more things I like:

  1. A clear sky full of stars.
  2. Sunny days.
  3. Singing (badly) ’90s boy band songs in the car at the top of my lungs.
  4. Learning everything.
  5. Watching my children sleep.
  6. Pickle wraps.
  7. Lazy weekends.
  8. Listening to Cricket and Thumper “read” stories to me.
  9. The smell of old books.
  10. Bad jokes.

What about you? Share some things you like below!

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Invincible (Five album)

Invincible (Five album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I was driving to work when “Keep On Movin'” by 5ive came on the radio. As I’d just read a post by rarasaur that caused this particular song to resonate with me more than it might have otherwise, and I decided it should be my theme song. If not forever, at least for the day.

Don’t know it? The chorus goes like this:

Get on up when you’re down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it’s not much, but it’s okay
Keep on movin’ on anyway

You can find the full lyrics at Google Play. They also have the whole song, which I highly recommend. 🙂

It’s such an uplifting, feel-good kind of song! I was in a good mood all day after hearing it. Between the song and the bright, sunny morning, I was full of hope by the time I reached work. But it didn’t stop there – I felt so much lighter all day long. And when I left for home last night, it was back on the radio again.

I may or may not have sung along as loudly as I could. 🙂

And now it’s your turn – what makes you hopeful? Do you have a personal theme song?

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