Deep thoughts

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake. -Unknown source, from a fortune cookie

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality… -Freddie Mercury, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

The first quote sparked my interest. The second is what popped into my head as I sat thinking about the first. 🙂

Yes, I’m a dork. I know it. It’s okay.

But in all seriousness – how do we know what’s real? Is real life just a dream? Is fiction truth? Is the truth a lie? Are we actually living our true lives in our dreams while we’re sleeping, making what we think is the waking world one great big fantastic communal dream?

I’d say that would make for an interesting story, but wasn’t that the basic plot of The Matrix? Aw, the heck with it – it would still make a pretty good story. Maybe that’s what I’ll work on next…

What about you – what kinds of deep thoughts do you think when nothing else is occupying your gray matter?

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