Book promo round-up

rowlingbookI was trawling through Facebook Friday and ran across some excellent words of wisdom from Lucas Hargis:

1. Go through your “Friends” list
2. If any are published authors, click their links
3. Buy their books
4. Help authors on Black Friday, too

I spent last week promoting books in anticipation of Black Friday.  There are so many great books out there, and this is a great time to pick up a whole bunch of them to either keep for yourself or share with others as Christmas gifts.  It was seriously hard to limit myself to the books I did promote, and, as evidenced by my last post, I completely failed at the whole limit thing.

But with tomorrow being Cyber Monday, I thought this would be the perfect time to collect all those posts into one big one, a sort of one-stop book-shopping list, if you will.  So, without further ado, a list of all the books I’ve featured this month and where to find them:

Another interview

I’ve been again.  The interrogator extraordinaire was none other than the zombie master himself, everyone’s favorite sock puppet, Splinker.  That’s right, in a new feature called “Someone Else Who Isn’t Me!”, I’ve Been Deader author Adam Sifre interviews other authors and today, that author is yours truly.  So pop on over and have a read!  We talk steaks and books and killer dust bunnies.  There’s even an excerpt from The Lokana Chronicles.  Leave a comment!  After all, even zombies love comments. 😉

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International Zombie Day

Today is Friday the 13th, day of terror and superstition and scary movie marathons.  It’s also International Zombie Day (or so I’ve been told) and in celebration of the ooey and gooey, I’m here to tell you about a new book just released by Taylor Street Publishing.

I’ve Been Deader, a near-perfect blend of comedy and horror by Adam Sifre (also known lovingly as Splinker to his adoring fans), is a story about Fred, a zombie in love with a girl.  The chapters read like flash fiction, and when it comes to the undead, you gotta read about Fred.  Splinker is quite insistent about that.   So without further ado, behold the first chapter, entitled…