Photo Friday throwback time!

In honor of Bubbles’ well-received mention of Hoth, here’s a picture of him all dressed up for Halloween:


He’s four in this picture, and it was actually taken at Christmas – his grandma made him the costume as a Christmas gift and he wore it the following Halloween.  He was so excited; he couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating as Luke-from-the-third-movie-when-he’s-all-in-black-and-has-the-green-light-saber. 🙂

Over the years, Bubbles has become interested in many other awesome things, but he’s a Star Wars fan first and foremost, and I don’t see that ever changing.  Yay! 🙂

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Photo Friday: More throwback fun!

Today’s throwback picture goes back to Christmas 2007.  It was the first Christmas after my divorce, and Bubbles’ grandparents had invited us to help them pick out their Christmas tree:


This picture singlehandedly destroyed my camera, the first digital one I’d ever owned.  Not thirty seconds after I snapped this picture, I managed to drop the poor camera lens-first on the ice.


Curse you, butterfingers!

I took my Christmas bonus that year and bought another camera, which I subsequently bequeathed to Bubbles a couple of years ago.  He’s used it all of twice, if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check out Charnele’s blog – she’s got a great post up today.  Happy Friday! 🙂

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Photo 365 #169

Much to Cricket’s chagrin, Thumper received a package in the mail yesterday.  (For the record, Cricket was only annoyed because he didn’t get a package, too.)  It was a late Christmas present from his godmother, and he was absolutely ecstatic:

2015-01-22 20.00.42

I’ve seen this before, and somewhere (in my office, I think) I have one of those wall decals that says the same thing.  We all love it, and the plan is to get it hung this weekend.  Thumper loves it so much that I think he’d have slept with it last night if we’d have let him; he started crying when we wouldn’t let him carry it upstairs.

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Photo 365 #158

We had our final family Christmas get-together last night with my sister and her family.  At the end of the evening, we were talking about pictures and the respective hundreds that we have on our phones.  Bubbles walked up and said, “Mom?  Can you take my picture?”


I was pretty happy with how this one turned out, but a little sad, too.  He used to ask me to take his picture when he was little, and then he’d immediately want to see it.  If I was using my digital camera, it worked fine, but he just couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t immediately show him the ones I took with my film camera.  Actually, he still doesn’t get it, but anyway.

Cricket and Thumper used to do the same thing, but now when I try to take their pictures, Thumper won’t sit/stand still and Cricket says, “No, Mom – don’t take my picture.”

Guess this means I’m gonna have to improve my stealth skills. 🙂

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Photo 365 #148

My cousin and his wife came for a visit yesterday.  We don’t get to see them very often, so it was nice to see them.  We exchanged Christmas gifts; we visited; it was a good time.  Cricket and Thumper enjoyed opening presents again, but I’m not sure if they had more fun with their new toys or the wrapping:


“I’m a present!”


That poor bag definitely paid for itself.  First Cricket wanted to sit in it, and I think he sat in it for five minutes.  As soon as he got out, then Thumper wanted in.  But Thumper is a perpetual motion machine, and he was tired to boot, which meant he was going even faster than normal just to keep himself awake.  He sat in the bag for a couple minutes, then he wanted out.  Then he wanted back in, and then he wanted back out.  I bet he was in and out of that bag seven or eight times.  It was pretty entertaining.

We still have a couple Christmas celebrations to go yet, but I’m enjoying the seasonal extension.  It just didn’t feel like Christmas this year since we didn’t get the tree up right away.

Are you all finished with Christmas?  Or do you still have some celebrating left to do?

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Photo 365 #146

Among the many things that Cricket and Thumper found under the Christmas tree at Grandma’s house were matching Scooby Doo jammies.  If their Halloween costumes weren’t indication enough of how excited these two get over Scooby Doo, then heres another picture that’s worth a thousand words on the subject:


Trying to get Thumper to sit still for longer than two seconds is like resisting the Borg.  Still, this picture was the better of the two I snapped this afternoon as we were getting ready for naps.  If naptime hadn’t been imminent, they’d have probably looked a little more excited, but as we all know, naps are evil and must be fought at all costs.


At least it’s quiet upstairs now.  That’s either very good or very bad, and I’m a little bit afraid to find out which it is.

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Photo 365 #144

toogrownupYesterday we traveled south to celebrate Christmas with Seymour’s family.  Normally they come up to our place for Christmas, but it just didn’t work out this year (darn work schedules, anyway).  We had a lovely time, full of great food and lots of togetherness.

One of the things Miss Tadpole received from Grandpa and Grandma was the rockin’ purple hat she’s wearing in this picture.  She then spent a good hour or so arranging her hair and playing around with her hat.  I got a couple of pictures of her, and this is one of my favorites.

However, she looks so grown up!  I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet.

I couldn’t help smiling a bit, though, at my reaction to this picture.  All I could think of was the scene in the movie Blended where Adam Sandler’s newly-made-over daughter enters the dining room and the first thing that pops into his head is, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

And for the record, those are my shoes.  How she managed not to break her neck in them since they’re three sizes too big, I’ll never know.

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Photo 365 #141

Santa left me a pretty awesome gift in my stocking this year:


Rumor has it they make comm badges that actually function thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth, if I remember correctly. I’m not sure I want to know how much those cost, though. 🙂

What was your favorite gift this year?

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Photo 365 #140

We always open stockings on Christmas morning; it makes Christmas without the kids a little less dull. We get up early, open stockings, have a special breakfast (this year it was glazed cinnamon twists from a local bakery – yummy!), and then hustle off to get the kids where they need to be.


This year, the kids awoke to stockings full of candy and frosted pretzels, plus a gift or two (a movie, a blanket, a pineapple – the usual stocking stuffer-type things). 🙂 But, even better, we awoke to a beautiful Christmas sunrise (which I promptly called a sunset because apparently I can’t talk that early in the morning). 🙂


I hope your Christmas morning was as beautiful as mine, and that the rest of your day is full of good food and family fun. Merry Christmas, everybody! 🙂

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Photo 365 #139


Tonight we celebrated Christmas for the second time. Bubbles and Miss Tadpole will be spending Christmas Day with their other parents, so tonight we had Christmas with them. Our plans of having delicious turkey went awry, though, and our backup plan (ham) failed, too, but it all worked out for the best – we had chicken, noodles, and potatoes, which is Seymour’s favorite meal.

And boy, did that chicken hit the spot last night. 🙂

The kids had a blast opening their presents, and then Seymour kicked our butts at Huckly Buck before bed. It was a good night.

From my family to yours, have a very, very merry Christmas! 🙂 How does your family celebrate?

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