Photo 365 #144

toogrownupYesterday we traveled south to celebrate Christmas with Seymour’s family.  Normally they come up to our place for Christmas, but it just didn’t work out this year (darn work schedules, anyway).  We had a lovely time, full of great food and lots of togetherness.

One of the things Miss Tadpole received from Grandpa and Grandma was the rockin’ purple hat she’s wearing in this picture.  She then spent a good hour or so arranging her hair and playing around with her hat.  I got a couple of pictures of her, and this is one of my favorites.

However, she looks so grown up!  I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet.

I couldn’t help smiling a bit, though, at my reaction to this picture.  All I could think of was the scene in the movie Blended where Adam Sandler’s newly-made-over daughter enters the dining room and the first thing that pops into his head is, “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

And for the record, those are my shoes.  How she managed not to break her neck in them since they’re three sizes too big, I’ll never know.

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