Photo 365 #146

Among the many things that Cricket and Thumper found under the Christmas tree at Grandma’s house were matching Scooby Doo jammies.  If their Halloween costumes weren’t indication enough of how excited these two get over Scooby Doo, then heres another picture that’s worth a thousand words on the subject:


Trying to get Thumper to sit still for longer than two seconds is like resisting the Borg.  Still, this picture was the better of the two I snapped this afternoon as we were getting ready for naps.  If naptime hadn’t been imminent, they’d have probably looked a little more excited, but as we all know, naps are evil and must be fought at all costs.


At least it’s quiet upstairs now.  That’s either very good or very bad, and I’m a little bit afraid to find out which it is.

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


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