Transcribing memories

20170112_222829I saw this week’s Discover Challenge post about transcribingmemory about a day after I had discovered the site for myself. Being a huge fan of diaries, and having kept diaries of my own since I was eight, I knew this was a challenge I could have a lot of fun with. I may not be nearly as devoted to my diaries as I was before I had kids, but I do still write in them every now and then, and this challenge provided me with the kick in the pants I needed to sit down and read through some of my old, old, OLD writing once again.

20170112_212507I learned a few things from reading my old diaries, like…



In response to the Discover Challenge from a couple weeks ago, I created this:


The image is courtesy of Unsplash. I’ve put words over an image before, but this time I played around with the layout of those words a whole lot more than I normally do, and I really like the effect.

What say you?

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