Photo 365 #102: A pop of color

Over the summer, we had a potted impatien out in front of our office.  It was a lovely thing, and when the temps turned colder, we brought it inside.  But sitting just inside the door as it was proved detrimental to its health, and it withered.

One of my coworkers brought it inside and set it near the window in our coat room.  She’s got a much greener thumb than I have, and decided to try nursing it back to health.


Last week, we noticed a bloom.  A couple days later, there was another one.  This morning, I counted four or five, and those are just on the side of the plant I can see – the side facing the window appears to have a few more blooms on it.

Now that we’ve got a bit of snow on the ground, it’s a treat to see something so bright and different amid the white.

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Photo 365 #97: The natural world

Living in a rural area is nothing if not fantastic for capturing wonderful moments in the life cycle of nature.  As evidenced by my deep and abiding love for skyscapes, I’ve got no shortage of inspiration for nature-based images.  And since it’s hard for me to choose just one, here are several!

These are only a handful of the nearly two thousand pictures I’ve taken of the world around me this year alone.  I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

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Photo 365 #92: Solitude

solitaryLiving in the country can be a lonely thing, which is why I was initially worried about living out in the middle of nowhere again (okay, I had other concerns, too, but isolation was a biggie).  This fence post (and the barbed wire wrapped around it) marks the end of our yard and the beginning of the field next door.

It’s a solitary place, our little farm, but I find it relaxing, and peaceful.  Sometimes a little solitude is all you really need to soothe your inner demons and gain perspective on things.

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Photo 365 #91: Bliss

Happy farm boy is happy. :)

Happy farm boy is happy. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Seymour as happy as he was when we moved to our farm in the spring.  He’s been looking for an acreage since we got married and now, five years later, he’s finally got one.

I was less interested in moving to the country than he was, but it’s been a lot different than my last experience of country life.  I feel much more relaxed than I did in town, even though things like getting the kids to piano lessons were much easier when we lived in town.

Still, he gave town a try for me, so now I’m giving the country a try for him.  Because that’s what you do.  And no matter where you go or what you do, it’s who is beside you that counts. 🙂

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Photo 365 #87

I love lazy Sundays.  And since I’m feeling a bit lazy today, I don’t know what to write here other than I can’t believe it’s November already.

Enjoy the pretty, pretty pictures!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more to say. 🙂

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Photo Friday: Halloween!

That’s right, it’s All Hallows’ Eve.  For the first time in a very long time, we didn’t hand out candy tonight.  Not that we ever had many kids stop at our house before, but since we’re in the country now, it seemed rather pointless to buy candy for trick-or-treaters who will never stop.

This is also the first year we took Cricket and Thumper trick-or-treating.  I found a Scooby Doo costume for Thumper at a local secondhand shop, and Cricket went as his best pal, Shaggy.  Miss Tadpole was a goddess, and Bubbles wore his football uniform, a Rebel football player one last time (this year, anyway).  He went trick-or-treating with his dad, though, so I’ll have to wait a year to get a picture of all four of them together in their costumes.

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The boys were disappointed this morning when I wouldn’t let them wear their costumes to daycare, but while my stitching was good enough to hold up through this evening’s candy hunt, I didn’t trust it to hold out all day, especially the way Thumper likes to romp around (his costume required a bit of sewing (by which I mean about four hours’ worth because I had to hand sew it all) to make it wearable). I needn’t have worried, though – he faceplanted while tearing down a darkened street on the final leg of tonight’s journey and split a seam in his shoulder, but my stitching held up perfectly. 🙂

What do you do for Halloween?  Do you hand out candy, or take the kids around, or both, or neither?  Don’t forget to check out Charnele’s blog and see what she’s up to on this spooky holiday.  Happy Halloween! 🙂

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Photo 365 #82

The photo ops on Saturday lasted into the evening with a beautiful sunset (for a pretty morning shot, check out my Instagram feed).  I was getting supper ready when I noticed that the trees on the western edge of our yard looked almost like they were on fire, so I headed out with my trusty phone camera and snapped some pictures.

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Surprisingly, the boys behaved while I was outside capturing the sunset.  As a matter of fact, the only bad thing that happened was that I ended up with some puncture marks on my tummy, thanks to Miss Opal.  Apparently, she thought I was the perfect cat tree because she climbed me more than once and my thin T-shirt was no match for her tiny kitty claws.

Oh, well – she’s too cute to stay mad at for long. 🙂

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Photo 365 #81

Saturday was an absolutely glorious day, and I just couldn’t resist spending time in my yard taking pictures.  The sky was bluer than blue, the sun was shining bright, and my trees finally figured out that they owed me a little color before Winter claims their remaining leaves.

These are two of my favorite leafy shots, though there were several others.  I hope your weekend was just as beautiful as mine!

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Photo Friday: Haunted

There’s an old hospital in the town I work in.  I’m not sure how long ago it closed, or why, really, because the building now houses a doctor’s office and a home health care agency, but shuttered hospitals never fail to arouse my curiosity (this despite the fact that, for me, there’s something inherently petrifying in the thought of ghostly physicians of yore (thanks, House on Haunted Hill)).


This particular building also hosts a haunted hospital tour each October.  I’ve never been through it, but it does sound fun (though not for Cricket and Thumper, as they’re too little to see the amusement in being terrified).  Tomorrow night is the last night for it this year, and all the proceeds are invested in the community, which makes it fun and beneficial. 🙂

Don’t forget to stop by Charnele’s blog and check out her haunted photo.

Have you ever been through a haunted house?  What was it like?  Would you do it again?

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Photo 365 #77

There was another beautiful sunrise yesterday morning:


Normally I’m not up early enough to see things like this, but when the sun doesn’t come up till after 7:00 a.m., which is roughly when I have to be out of bed if I have any hope of making it to work on time, that makes it a little easier.  And with colors this beautiful, I should perhaps try to make it a habit to rise a bit earlier so I can catch more of them. 🙂

What’s your favorite part of rising early?

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