I repeat…

Dear God, I think I’m going to die.  I need a good long soak in a nice hot bath.  And a nap.  It should last a week or two.  And perhaps a full-body massage.  That ought to put me on the mend.

That is all. 😀

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Painting a bedroom, or Dear God, I think I’m going to die


I’ve spent all weekend prepping and painting Tomcat’s bedroom.  We’ve lived here three years now and we’ve painted Tadpole’s room and Cricket and Thumper’s room (they share), but we hadn’t done Tomcat’s.  We haven’t painted our room yet, either, but it’s gonna wait a while longer yet.  Anyway, his room is gonna rock when it’s done.  Meanwhile, I forgot how much painting sucked.  We ran out of paint, so while we’re waiting for the first coat to dry, Seymour took Tomcat and Tadpole to town to buy supplies and I put Cricket and Thumper down for naps.  Time to relax!

P.S. Stay tuned – Friday’s photo post will feature the before and after pictures. 🙂

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Flute-tastic Friday

Tonight is my ten-year high school class reunion.  Sort of.  See, my class isn’t terribly organized.  We started planning our five-year reunion two weeks ahead of time.  The reunion wound up involving a gathering of anyone who could come meeting at the country club for drinks.  Okay, whatever, we’ll be more organized for the ten-year reunion, right?

Yeah, not so much.

Scenes from home

Apparently my kids need to be educated.  The following conversation took place this morning as we were about to walk out the door:

• M: Tom, why are you only wearing one glove?
•T: Because I lent the other one to RaShaun.
•M: Okay, well, either you need to wear both gloves or neither of them.  Michael Jackson couldn’t pull off the one-glove look and neither can you.
•T: Who’s Michael Jackson?
•R: Didn’t we look him up at your First Communion?
•M: *facepalm* No, that was Michael Jordan.  Different guy.  Do you know the song “Thriller?”
•T: No.
•M: *epic facepalm*

Clearly tonight’s soundtrack must feature Michael Jackson.  I’m not even all that wild about his music, but at least I know who he is.  And while I realize that for the course of their lives he hasn’t been the most popular singer, I still can’t believe they don’t know who he is.  It reminds me of another aspect of their education that is sadly lacking: the ability to alphabetize.

•M: Rachael, will you get out [random movie whose title I can’t recall]?
•R: It’s not here.
•M: Yes, it is.  All the movies are in alphabetical order; just look under [appropriate letter – I think it was L or M].
•R: It’s not here, I’m telling you.
•M: I know we have it. *pulls movie off of shelf*  See?  It’s right where I said it was!
•G: Hold on a minute.  Maybe they don’t know how to alphabetize.
•M: Do you kids know how to alphabetize?
•K: (in unison)No!
•M: *facepalm*

Evidently they don’t teach kids how to alphabetize things in school anymore.  This useful skill must have fallen by the wayside when they did away with media center as a class.  Now that everything is available online, who needs to know about the Dewey Decimal System or how to use a card catalog?  (Please to note the sarcasm.)  Alphabetizing is for the ancients, much like legible cursive or heck, even legible printing.  My kids’ inability to alphabetize was quickly remedied.  I’ve not tested it yet, but I do hope they were paying attention.  After all, stranger things have happened.

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If you don’t follow S.Z.W.ordsmith, you really should.  This week’s posts have all been about her trip to the L.A. Times Festival of Books and her most recent post is about a panel she attended where Judy Blume spoke.  What childhood would be complete without reading the Fudge books?  Reading this post made me want to reread those books and more, especially since the only thing I really remember about them is that they were great books.  Same goes for Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books (although I do remember a question about a dawnzer that struck me as particularly funny).

My childhood was filled with many wonderful books.

This post is chock-full of books!

Things that gave me a good laugh this morning:

All I want is a library full of books and a prince telling me to pick one*…

*Book, that is.  Not monks.


TC: Mommy, can we go outside to play?
Me: No, it’s all mucky and gross outside.
TP: Can we sit on the porch?
Me: No, you really don’t need to be out there.

Both give me their best pout.

Me: If you really want to go outside, one of you can get the diaper bag and the other can get my computer bag and you can take them out to the van for me.
TC & TP: Okay!

Oh, kids. 🙂

Speaking of kids, Cricket’s new favorite word is book.  If all we did all day long was read Clifford’s First Halloween, I think he’d be in heaven.  I, on the other hand, have grown quite tired of reading yet again about Clifford going trick-or-treating dressed as a ghost, getting a bath after eating a candy apple, and traipsing around a haunted house stuck in a glove.  But this, too, shall pass, and I know from experience that once these days are gone, I’ll miss them terribly.  Cricket’s a boy after my own heart.  I’ve got a couple of pictures from story time a few days ago that I’ve been meaning to post on Facebook, but I haven’t done it yet.  Maybe I’ll get to it over the weekend, if I’m not buried under a mountain of laundry.  *sigh*

In other book news, you can now pre-order White Mountain, Book 1 of the Darkling Chronicles by Sophie E. Tallis.  The book is set to come out in September from Safkhet Publishing.  I predict it’ll sell faster than hot chocolate in a blizzard. 🙂

Also, I think I might have fixed a major plot problem in The Lokana Chronicles.  Some more detail was needed in one place and hopefully I’ve fixed it now.  I’ve tried twice already; I hope the third time’s the charm.  But if it’s not, well, then I’ll just have to put my stubborn nature to good use and make it bend to my will.  The Great and Powerful Seymour will yet be pleased. 🙂  I say that only because I think his crit made a lot of sense and I’m determined to tackle the problem head-on.  As it says over at der Wendighaus, “Time to load the guns, brew the ink, and get to work because I am a writer and I am done fucking around.”

I think that’s about all I’ve got this gray Friday afternoon.  Have a happy weekend!

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So, here we are again…

…Yep, that’s right, I’m back in black.  Piano Black, that is.  I loved the Bouquet theme I’d been using, but I didn’t love the way it made images in my sidebar so big.  I spent last night playing around with themes, unable to find one that truly made me happy (Chateau?  Pilcrow?  Maybe Vertigo?).  So now I’m back to Piano Black, but I wanted something lighter.  Trouble is, without purchasing a CSS upgrade that I would be sorely confused by, there’s no way to change the font color and the background I picked for use here that actually looked really nice with the black transparent overlay was just too light for the font to be truly readable. *sigh*  Back to the drawing board…

I may continue to play around with this for some time.  Apologies in advance if something you liked disappears for a bit.

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I can’t sleep and it’s driving me bonkers. Also, the pen I’ve been using doesn’t glide very well; it makes my writing look stilted and amateur. The nib keeps digging into the paper, which I find quite annoying because I don’t think I press that hard. Grip, yes. But then I always grip pens hard, so that’s nothing new.


Well, I guess I should try to get some sleep now as it’s after midnight and I do have to work in the morning. *sigh* If only I could pack the kids off to daycare so I could stay home and write. But then, that’s the dream.


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Save the Hobbit and other odds and ends

Once again, America’s overly-litigious nature has reared its ugly head.  The target this time is a small pub in Southampton called The Hobbit.

Lawyers representing the filmmakers in charge of the movie The Hobbit are suing a pub in Southampton that has been known as The Hobbit for the last two decades.  Evidently they’re concerned that said pub will infringe on their rights or something.  I think it’s ridiculous that they’re trying to force the pub to change its name.  For the full story, check out the pub’s Facebook page, Save the Hobbit, Southampton, and show your support of the pub by liking the page.

In other news, my good friend Lisa Wiedmeier wrote a guest post over at Aaron Patterson’s blog about the recent Amazon success of her novel, Cheyenne.  It’s a great article and one I highly recommend checking out if you’re interested in self-publishing.  Her next book, Promises, is due out in May and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

And finally, if you’re looking for a bit of fun on this lovely Friday afternoon, head on over to Rachelle Gardner’s blog and check out her St. Patrick’s Day haiku contest.  You can find my entry in her comments section.

That’s all for me today!  Time to call it quits and enjoy the afternoon. 🙂

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Church protests not free speech issue

I read this in the paper and felt compelled to post it.  It’s another of Chuck Humeston’s columns from the Iowa Falls paper and I found it quite thought-provoking.  Maybe when I’m not dying, I can even offer some of my own thoughts.  We’ll see how that goes – I’ve been on antibiotics for three days now and I feel worse than I did the day I went to the doctor.  Rotten death-plague. More on Westburro here!