Deepest Night

2015-07-01-23-10-14-e1436301553141Heaven’s darker eye
Looks down on a lonely world
And sighs, burdened by

The knowledge that not
Even its brightest rays can
Win against the gloom,

Nor its strongest beams
Prevail against the gath’ring
Dark of deepest night.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.


Winter’s Breath

IMG_20140305_084531Fog hangs o’er the hills
As the rain comes pouring down,
Vivifying what once was dead
As winter comes rolling in.
But Winter’s freezing breath
Has only just begun to blow,
Huffing and puffing ice and snow,
Swirling them round and round
Till what the rain has resurrected
Is cold and white and dead once more.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Melancholy Autumn

The change in weather’s had a wonderful effect on my imagination. Here for you, then, is an almost-sonnet (almost because the rhyme scheme isn’t quite right and my head hurts too much to make it work) that I hope you’ll enjoy.

IMG_20140305_084531Where once the summer breeze
Blew soft and sweet,
Now the winter wind
Whips leaves around my feet.

Where once the summer sun
Shone brightly in the sky,
Now the winter clouds
Freeze the tears within my eye.

Where once the summer lark
Sang sweetly in my ear,
Now the winter crow
Screams at me in fear.

Lovely summer, why must you go,
And leave me frozen in the snow?

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.


This is one of my all-time favorite glass photos:


It’s the bathroom window in my old house on a frosty winter morning. The window faced west, and I love the way the early morning light was captured in the frozen condensation. This image is so full of color and texture that I could stare at it for hours.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Unfurling Joy

wpid-20141225_072610.jpgBorn of winter, born
Of cold, full of stories yet
Untold. Full of all

That’s light and warm, ’tis
Only she can halt the storm.
‘Tis only she can

Change the world, only
She can sow joy unfurled
In a land of snow.

Joyful stories soon
She’ll tell, joyful noise she’ll make
As well, and soon

The cold and snow shall
Fly far from here, back to the
Sky as spring returns.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.


imageOutside my window,
A storm rages on so fierce
That it’s erased the

Horizon. The trees
Whip and sway, to and fro; they
Bend in time with the

Wind as it swirls
The snow round and round, until
All the world is white.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Night Rage

The north wind rages
As the sun goes down, fury
Blanketing the world

In white, each icy
Shriek frosting hill and dale as
Night descends again.

If only Night had not
Yet come, then Wind and Sun would
Be together still.

If only Night would not
Stay long, then Wind and Sun could
Be reunited.

But for now, the wind’s
Icy tears still fall, blinding
All who brave the night.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.