Midnight ramblings

Since my late-night rambling appears to be so popular, I thought I’d share a couple other random late-night scrawlings for your reading amusement.  These are a bit dated, but I happened to run across them late last night (or early this morning, however you want to look at it) during my bout of insomnia.  And now, my sleep-deprived thoughts on a couple of my writing projects:


It’s late, nearly midnight, and I have to work in the morning.  Everyone else is sleeping, warm and content in their beds, but not me.  I’m sitting here, alone in the living room, wrapped up in my favorite blanket and wishing I hadn’t had that second liter of Dr. Pepper earlier.  I’m wide awake, despite taking two muscle relaxers.  Usually they knock me out, but not tonight.  Tonight I feel compelled to write. I feel strangely adrift…


I can’t sleep and it’s driving me bonkers. Also, the pen I’ve been using doesn’t glide very well; it makes my writing look stilted and amateur. The nib keeps digging into the paper, which I find quite annoying because I don’t think I press that hard. Grip, yes. But then I always grip pens hard, so that’s nothing new.


Well, I guess I should try to get some sleep now as it’s after midnight and I do have to work in the morning. *sigh* If only I could pack the kids off to daycare so I could stay home and write. But then, that’s the dream.


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