Authors to Watch and more

Ah, authors to watch.  There must be a jillion of them.  I, however, am referring to ten certain authors who were featured yesterday in an interview by Tricia Drammeh.  She asked the question, “Why do you write fantasy?” and received some great answers from some great authors, including yours truly (although I make no claims as to my greatness).  Check it out!  Each interviewee provided links to a variety of sites at which you can check out their work and/or learn more about them.

In other news, rumor has it that the release of Promises, the second Timeless Series novel, will be delayed.  Fans of Lisa Wiedmeier’s fantasy series will now have to wait till the end of May to continue following Cheyenne’s adventures.

I’ve almost finished the Kindle version of Tuesday Daydreams.  Learning the formatting stuff was easy enough for the most part, but I still have a couple of glitches to work out here and there.  I hope to have the Kindle version available for purchase by the end of the week (by which I mean the end of the calendar week, not tomorrow).  I had Chinese for lunch today and ate my fortune cookie on the way back to work.  I had to chuckle as I read my fortune:Channel your energy into something positive.  I’d say all this work on my writing is definitely something positive. 🙂

Last but not least, the rain has come at long last and everything is turning a lovely shade of green.  I adore spring. ♥

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