Summer lovin’

Ah, summer.  It is June, after all.  How the heck that happened, I’ll never know.  I could swear that only yesterday it was January.  Anyway, Kristen Lamb shared summertime memories of her youth in a post this afternoon and it made me smile.  I remembered some of the same years she described, but I remembered them through the eyes of a child instead of the eyes of a young woman.   Sure, by the time I was five, the Russians were no longer our enemies, but I still remember slip ‘n’ slides, spending more time outside than in, and never locking our doors. Ever.

Photo Friday

Welcome to another Photo Friday!  Today’s post features those wild and crazy guys, Cricket and Seymour, when at least one of them was slightly less wild and/or crazy.

Seymour and Cricket, two peas in a pod

Taken in the hospital the day after Cricket was born (yes, the date stamp is wrong), this is easily my favorite picture of them so far.  It will probably always be one of my favorites.  Cricket looks so much like Seymour, and I love the look on Seymour’s face.  It says, “Mess with him, and you’ll be praying for the cops to haul you away by the time I’m done with you.”  It reminds me of the Facebook flair that says, “Someone who loves me is well-trained in the use of their weapon and accurate up to three hundred meters.”  We have a framed print of this picture sitting on our mantle.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at it.  If I do, I’m sure that means that an even more precious photo has taken its place.

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