Of editors and rejections and hope, oh my!

This morning I was perusing Chuck Wendig’s awesome blog, the way I do every weekday morning.  As usual, it was freaking awesome.  In today’s post, he compared editors to MacGyver and the A-Team:

Then she gathers up the crumbled story-boulders and pages caught on cactus spines and she again mounts her steed and rides to the next ridge.  There she sits, alone.  For hours.  Maybe days.  Pulling pages apart.  Seeing what she has.  Shining a light into dark corners.  Finding sense.  Fixing errors.  Bringing sanity back to madness, chaos back to order, context back to content.  Her red pen dances bloodily upon the page.

And when the time is right, she rides again.

Anyway, I know that little tidbit references neither MacGyver nor the A-Team, but to find those two particular bits, go here.  Read the whole thing – it’s totally worth it, I promise you.  Guy knows his stuff.  Also?  He usually makes me laugh because he’s funny in a way I can’t quite describe.  Maybe that’s because I have a weird sense of humor, but maybe not.

And now for the rejection part. Luckily, it’s not rejection Simon Cowell-style. That means there’s still reason to hope! And since I’m an optimist, you know I will.