Tinker, tenor, author, spy

Okay, so that was a rather poor Star Trek reference, but it made me smile. (I can’t help it; I love the Doctor. :))  Anyway, my good friend Lindsey Parsons has published her first novel, Vortex, and you can find it on both Amazon and Amazon UK.

On a night when prophecies stir, an outraged dragon vents his anger, Damian is ripped from everything he knows and Sam’s nightmares become real…

Sam isn’t enjoying university life, she’s disillusioned with her course and having second thoughts about her future.  It doesn’t help that she keeps having a scary recurring nightmare and when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, a creepy man follows her back to her room.

Damian is unique, he has silver eyes, horns, and wings, he is also being visited by a ghost girl.  She looks so sad and frightened he feels compelled to help her, but the night he reaches out to save her from a dragon’s fiery breath he gets ripped from his life, his world, from everything he knows.

Now it’s Damian who’s lost in an unfamiliar world that’s devoid of magic and full of strange monsters.  His only connection with home is Sam, who he recognizes as the ghost girl.  Sam has to put aside her fear and disbelief in Damian’s explanations about himself to try and help him find his way home.  But in a world without magic is this possible?

To learn more about Lindsey, click here to read her recent interview with Tricia Drammeh and here to read her interview with Kate Jack.  Help support this great author!

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