Ze weekend, she has begun!

Well, it’s Friday, and you know what that means – there should be a photo post today! But thanks to my lovely guest, and the fact that I’ve had a wild and crazy day and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, I’m going to forego today’s usual Photo Friday post. I’ll still get it posted, but it may not be till Sunday or Monday. So until then, have a great weekend, stay safe, and keep cool!

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Killing your darlings

It’s a bonus post!  That’s right, as a special treat from that all-around wonderful author, Lisa McKay, I’ve got another guest post for you!  As I’m sure every writer out there can, I totally relate to the pain that comes with the necessity of “killing your darlings.”  Sometimes it’s quite easy, but sometimes it really is murder.  Today, Lisa shares her thoughts on killing your darlings.

Last week, after a string of awful nights, I decided to write a children’s story.  The fun I had writing this little story did not make up for the exhaustion and aggravations of the previous week, but it helped.  As I rhymed my way through verses about dogs, roosters, mosquitoes and various other midnight misadventures I even found myself laughing.

My 2nd favorite line was the one about wishing all the roosters would die, but my absolute favorite line of the whole piece came at the end of the stanza about mosquitoes.