Lucky seven? I don’t think so.

Isn’t she cute?
Photo courtesy of Vickie Hansen

When I was growing up, seven was somewhat less than fun.  When I was seven, my two-year-old niece passed away.  I remember sitting on my mom’s lap when she told us what happened and being nigh inconsolable.  A few years later, when my sister was seven, a girl in her class was killed in a car accident.  She and her family were on their way to church when they were hit by a drunk driver.  Her seatbelt snapped, she was ejected from the vehicle, and their van rolled right over her.  I remember thinking when we went to her visitation that she looked like she was seventy, not seven.

Finally, a race Jeff Gordon can win!
Picture by Kay Kauffman

But thankfully, seven has been a perfectly lovely age for my kids thus far.  Tomcat competed in his first Pinewood Derbyat the age of seven.  He even came in third place – not too shabby, especially since neither of his assistants (Seymour and Aunt M.) had any experience in Pinewood Derby racing.  Tadpole got a new little brother at the age of seven and was tickled pink because a new little brother meant she didn’t have to share her bedroom.  She was, however, disappointed that she had to give up her bunk beds.  Apparently she hadn’t thought of that when she said she wanted a brother.

The maternal instinct is strong in this one.
Photo by Greg Kauffman

I hope the age of seven will be equally uneventful for Cricket and Thumper.  But then again, who knows?  By that point, I’ll have teenagers running amok and things are never uneventful when there are teenagers on the loose.

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6 thoughts on “Lucky seven? I don’t think so.

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      It’s got nothing on year ten. And it’s a full house, but I think it’s generally a happy house. I’m awfully glad I can say that. If I can give my kids nothing else, I hope I can give them that.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I know you can’t appreciate the good without the bad, but I always seem to find myself wondering why there has to be so much bad. Seymour was telling me just tonight about a 12-year-old who killed his 2-year-old brother because he was tired of taking care of him. What is wrong with people that they could do something like that? But then I’ll watch Cricket share a toy with Thumper, without being prompted, and it brings me so much joy. Ay yi yi, the world is a crazy place.

      And thank you for the blessings on our house! It’s definitely full, but full of love. 🙂


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