Excerpt time!

That’s right, I’ve finished another chapter, so it’s time for another excerpt.  Today’s snippet comes from the newly-finished Chapter 5:

When the servants brought out the food, Michael was relieved to see what looked like roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and fresh bread.  He was even more relieved when his tongue confirmed what his eyes suspected – he hadn’t had a thing to eat since breakfast and he was starving.  Michael couldn’t count the number of times he’d eaten this same meal growing up.  It was one of his favorites; it should have tasted like home.

And yet…it was different somehow.  The meat had a different flavor.  And it was juicier, more tender.  The potatoes were lumpier; the gravy richer, more flavorful.  And the butter – was it hand churned?  He’d had samples of hand churned butter a few times at the local pioneer fair.  Was this what it tasted like?  I can’t remember.

So there you have it!  Michael’s journey through the strange new world of Lokana has only just begun.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for further adventures – rest assured, there will be plenty.

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