Where’s an ark when you need one?

I shot this picture of a submerged field through the window of our truck as we were heading down to visit Seymour’s parents for the weekend. The rain bands on the window blurred the image and gave it the neat effect; the only processing I did to this was adding Instagram’s Lo-Fi filter to make the blue of the water pop out a little more. Even without it, the grass still glowed that green.

I love this image, but I feel awful for the farmer whose field is probably ruined by all the rain we’ve had this spring. He’d already planted this field. Near the very edges where the water hadn’t reached yet, you could see what was probably corn sprouting just above the ground. There are a lot of farmers in the area who haven’t been able to plant at all yet because it’s been so wet that they can’t get into the fields.

Our drive was filled with scenes like this (though not all of them turned out so artistically blurry). Everywhere I looked, all I saw was water instead of the rolling green hills that I love so much (okay, rolling brown hills – but some of the planted fields are turning green, or were). Our trip south took us over the Iowa River, which always floods, so I worried that the bridge across it might wash out. By some miracle, the water hadn’t reached the bridge yet. I hope it stays that way, because it’s been raining more today and we’re going home tomorrow.

But as we drove and I watched the sodden fields pass by, I thought of another flood. I was little then – I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since the Flood of ’93. It flooded so bad that my sister and I went swimming in our sideyard, right next to the street. The puddle was so deep that we could even float a little. It was the most severe flood I’d ever experienced and even now, people still use it as a yardstick to gauge the severity of a flood.

After a lengthy drought, we’ve had an unusually wet spring. Our house sits in the bottom of what is essentially a bowl, so things occasionally get a little damp downstairs. As a result, when we bought our house, we promptly installed a brand new sump pump to take care of all that excess moisture. This morning we had a lake in our yard and another one forming in the basement. Our sump pump has been working overtime for the last couple of months, and last week the drain pipe plugged up and we nearly lost it. I know we wanted rain, but not this much!

Here are a few more pictures from our drive:

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