Time flies!

Another week has come and gone and with it, another month as well.  This past week seemed to drag by – there was more than once that I could have sworn that time really was standing still.  But at last it’s the weekend!  So what does that mean?

It means that I’ll blink and it will be Monday.

There’s a NASCAR race in Newton today that Seymour is at with a friend, so there was much cleaning last night and this morning.  Tomorrow is the annual family reunion, so tonight I’ll have much cooking to do.  But right now?  Right now, the boys are down for a nap and I have time to get some writing and/or editing done.

And what am I doing?  I’m blogging because I’m too worn out for all the thinking that writing and editing involves.  And I had something I wanted to post about, but now I can’t remember what it was. *sigh*  Perhaps if I could get rid of this darn headache, I could remember more than just my name… 😀


Well, I haven’t gotten rid of the headache, but I did kill a couple hours reading stuff online and then a couple more hanging out with an old friend.  Time to feed the kiddoes and have a little quiet time before the craziness of tomorrow!  Have a great night, everybody! 🙂

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