Daily gratitude

DSC_0025Sometimes it’s hard to find things in life to be grateful for.  Not everything always goes the way we would like.  Certainly I’ve had times like that in my own life; I’ve even written about them (here, there, and everywhere else).  Writing sometimes helps me keep things in perspective.

With that in mind, today’s post (that should have gone up yesterday and didn’t for reasons that I’ll mention in a minute) is about the little things, the things that can – and do – make life worth living.

Things I’m Grateful for Today

  • This lovely thunderstorm that I don’t have to go out in because it’s my day off, meaning I can curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book and wile away the afternoon. 😀
  • The changing leaves, because they’re so pretty.
  • Good health, and the good health of my loved ones.
  • CAFFEINE!!!  After all, Diet Dr. Pepper is my lifeblood, my go juice, and the sole reason I am able to function passably. 😛
  • Good friends and family who love and support me.
  • Comfort food to warm me up on a cold, wet day like today.
  • Books.  Always books.  All the books, even. 🙂
  • Emoticons!  Giving nuance to text since…uh…sometime in the last quarter century.
  • Silly little boys.  Without them, my days off would be much quieter but far less joyful.
  • Potential buyers!  Someone came to look at our house last night and they drove a good half hour to get here.  (Yes, this is the aforementioned reason for not posting yesterday.  We came home, we cleaned, we left, we ate, we came home again, we slept.  It was a long night.)  Ours was the only one in town they were interested in.  Here’s hoping for an offer! *fingers crossed*
  • Music.  Sparking my imagination since I don’t know when.
  • All you fabulous people who read and comment and share my blog, because what is a writer without an audience?  Also, thank you for putting up with my sometimes inane ramblings. 😀
  • Seymour.  He’s seen me at my worst.  He more than deserves my best.
  • A pretty new house that will be prettier once we get our house in town sold.  I know Seymour will do wonderful things to it.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of, but I know there are more.  What things are you thankful for today?

(c) 2013.  All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Daily gratitude

  1. separatedinsudbury says:

    I like the fact that nature is connected to your gratitude list. We often forget our connection to the natural world. Thanks for reminding me! Even if I curse the cold, I love the look of frosted leaves; I love the smell of fall.


    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I curse the cold all the time, but it’s so hard not to be inspired by everything around us. So much of my poetry is rooted in nature; I just can’t help being inspired by it all. It truly is breathtaking.


  2. lindseyjparsons says:

    I’m grateful for Autumn, I love the frosty mornings and the changing colours of nature, my log burners keeping my house warm with dancing flames and all my animals for keeping me company now my children have ventured off into the world.
    Good luck with your house, keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙂


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