Photo 365 #15

Cricket likes to take toys to daycare.  “I have to share my toys at daycare, Mommy,” he tells me when I ask why he’s leaving the house with his pockets packed with toy cars.

I like him (and Thumper, and Bubbles in his younger days) to leave his toys at home, where they won’t get lost.  At least if they get lost at home, we stand a chance of seeing them again – not usually the case at daycare, and he’s lost several of his cars this way.


So we’ve reached a compromise: He can bring his toys with him, but they have to stay in the car, where they won’t get lost (permanently).  As a result, Thumper has become not only become Cricket’s bedtime defender, but also his carseat warmer.  He took his time this morning making sure that Thumper was in just the right position to keep his spot warm all day long.

And it worked, too – it was so hot in the car when I got off work tonight that my seat was warm! 😀

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Photo Friday: Firsts

So, last night was Bubbles’ first football injury.  He got tackled and landed on the ball, bruising his ribs.  Poor guy was heartbroken when the doctor in the emergency room told him he couldn’t play football till his family doctor released him to play, which won’t be till next week at the earliest.


I’m just glad he didn’t break anything – football’s a rough game.  And with any luck, he’ll be back at it in time for his first game next weekend.

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(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.