When I’m nervous…

darcyMy fabulous friend Charnele tagged me last week to share a little about some of my nervous tics.  I don’t think I have a whole lot of nervous habits, but there are a few that spring immediately to mind:

  1. I clam up.  I’m shy by nature and have a hard time initiating conversations with people I don’t know well (and occasionally with those I do know well).
  2. I fidget.  I play with my hands, my wedding ring, or my hair.  I adjust my clothes.  I cross my arms.  You get the picture.
  3. I chew my cheeks or lips.  I do this instead of clenching my jaw, but sometimes that happens, too.
  4. Hot flashes…I have them.  I have them even when I’m not nervous, but they seem to hit especially hard when I’m nervous about something.
  5. I sweat.  It’s an extension of the hot flashes, but one I’m rather self-conscious about.

What about you?  Do you do anything in particular when you’re nervous?

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