Photo 365 #135

sleepytadpoletinytadpoleToday Miss Tadpole turns twelve.

Twelve!  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.  I’m sure Seymour can’t, either.  After all, she’s his first-born, his little girl.

The picture on the left is from Thanksgiving, when we were all so exhausted on the way home from Grandpa and Grandma’s house that the kids fell asleep and the grown-ups would have liked to.  She’s so big!

The picture on the right is from the year Seymour and I moved in together.  It was the first year we took the kids to Miracle on Main together, and I don’t know what she told Santa, but it was apparently pretty darn funny.  She’s so leetle!

I can’t believe how fast all our kids have grown – before I know it, they’ll be out of the house and I won’t know what to do with myself.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.

P.S. I know I missed yesterday’s Photo Friday post, but with the holidays and the birthday and everything else that’s going on at the moment, I think I’m going to take a break from Photo Friday for the rest of the month.  But don’t worry – Photo Friday will return in 2015!

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