Photo 365 #156

It’s been a long day already, and it’s not even noon yet.


“But Mom, I just wanna watch Dungeons and Dragons!”


Thumper was up bright and early at 6:30 a.m., which was shortly after Seymour woke up for work.  Naturally, then, I was also awake bright and early, first chatting with Seymour before he left for the day, and then snuggling with my favorite little bunny.

The rest of the morning has been spent supervising a grumpy Bubbles, who’s doing penance for letting a shed door get torn off by the wind the other night.  If things keep on this way, I’m gonna need a stiff drink by the end of the day.

How are you spending your weekend?

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.


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