Photo 365 #157

Yesterday Miss Tadpole decided to take the boys outside to play in the snow. Thumper was all excited to bundle up, head outside, and build a snowman.
That lasted all of about five minutes. Then the cold got to him and the screaming began. At least I got some nice cuddle time while he warmed up under a pile of blankets.

Cricket, on the other hand, didn’t start screaming till he was forced to come inside. He wasn’t ready to be done playing, but he wasn’t listening, either, so in he came.
This weekend has given us the warmest temps we’ve had in quite a while – mid-twenties above zero! – but there’s a breeze, and it’s knocked the wind chill down well below zero. Still, at least it’s better than the last week.

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4 thoughts on “Photo 365 #157

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      It’s been below zero here for the better part of the last couple weeks, so we haven’t been out in it much, either. The temp on Saturday was 22, but the wind chill was -14, so it was still pretty cold. Today’s high is only supposed to be 5, but we hit that three hours ago and it’s supposed to fall the rest of the day. It’d be nice if we had a little more snow and a reprieve from the deep freeze so the kids could play outside – the older two are just dying to make a huge snow fort. 🙂


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