Photo 365 #217

Are these not the coolest things ever?


Seymour came home with some a week or so ago and when he showed them to me, I said he should have gotten a set to keep and a set to use.  He slid the book back in his hand to reveal a second book of stamps and replied, “Now what makes you think I’d do something like that?”

I love him so very, very much. 😀

A good decade ago (I refuse to admit that it’s been closer to two than one) when the post office issued Looney Tunes stamps, I had a whole set.  Unlike these, where each stamp is different, they released one character at a time.  It took a while to collect them all, but I love those stamps just as much as I love these.

And yes, I bought myself a set to use and a set to keep. 🙂

What are your favorite stamp designs?

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