Photo 365 #304

I do love being outside.  The wind in the trees, the birds singing gaily, the sun on my face, it’s all just so –


Okay, that was a bad joke.  But that was also my favorite part of the movie Up, and I know I’m not the only person who loved that part.  Believe it or not, it even has something to do with today’s post:

2015-06-02 15.09.26

See?  Squirrel! 😀

The squirrels in my old stomping grounds are full of personality.  This particular day, they were also apparently full of hormones, but that’s another story.  As I cautiously photographed this particular one, I could hear him screaming, “Get off my lawn, you crazy person, you!”

Heck, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him shaking a fist at me. 🙂

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