Night of the Living Potato

As I was scrolling through Facebook tonight, I happened upon the following picture:

That could be fun, I thought. I’ll give it a try.

It seems simple enough, right? Ah, but coming up with the perfect potato title (or any title, really) is harder than you might think. Still, I managed to come up with a pretty good one, so I clicked on the comments to add it to the list. Seeing 116 other comments, I figured maybe I should read through them all to see if mine had already been taken.

I didn’t think it had, but by the time I reached the end of the comments, I could no longer remember what my first title was. 🙂 I did, however, manage to come up with these:

  1. Dead Potatoes Society.
  2. 3 Potatoes.
  3. Pride and Potatoes.
  4. Sense and Potatoes.
  5. Northanger Potato.
  6. Mansfield Potato.
  7. Gosford Potato.
  8. Little Potatoes.
  9. The Undiscovered Potato.
  10. The Search for Potato.
  11. The Wrath of Potato.
  12. Homeward Potato.
  13. The Muppet Christmas Potato.
  14. The Secret Life of Potatoes.
  15. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Potatohood.
  16. Tea With Potato.
  17. The Secret Potato.
  18. A Little Potato.
  19. Me Before Potato.
  20. Marley and Potato.
  21. Hidden Potatoes.
  22. Surf Potatoes.
  23. Wreck-It Potato.
  24. The Spiderwick Potatoes.
  25. A Tale of Two Potatoes.
  26. Wuthering Potatoes.
  27. Jane Potato.
  28. Ace Ventura: Pet Potato.
  29. Ace Ventura: When Potato Calls.
  30. The Mighty Potatoes.
  31. Now and Potato.
  32. The Potato Family.
  33. Bad Potatoes.
  34. The Cutting Potato.
  35. Buffy the Potato Slayer.
  36. How to Lose a Potato in 10 Days.
  37. Fool’s Potato.
  38. Potatoes Rush In.
  39. For Richer or Potato.
  40. The Potato Clause.
  41. 10 Things I Hate About Potato.
  42. She’s All Potato.
  43. The Potato and Me.
  44. Mean Potatoes.
  45. Bring It Potato.
  46. Never Been Potatoed.
  47. The Wedding Potato.
  48. Ever After: A Potato Story.
  49. The Potato Identity.
  50. The Potato Diaries.
  51. Look Who’s Potatoing.
  52. It Takes Potato.
  53. Stand By Potato.
  54. Lean On Potato.
  55. Dangerous Potatoes.
  56. Toy Potatoes.
  57. Small Potatoes.
  58. Can’t Hardly Potato.
  59. Can’t Buy Me Potato.
  60. Potato Down Under.
  61. Top Potato. (This was my original title!)
  62. The Ghost and the Potato.
  63. Lethal Potato.
  64. Home Potato.
  65. Little Shop of Potatoes.
  66. Thelma and Potato.
  67. A League of Their Potato.
  68. Sleepless in Potato.
  69. Steel Potatoes.
  70. On Golden Potato.
  71. Potatoes On the Side.
  72. Fried Green Potatoes.
  73. Dirty Potato.
  74. The Hunt for Red Potato.
  75. Lucky Potato Seven.
  76. Just Like Potato.
  77. The Italian Potato.
  78. Blue Potato.
  79. Ocean’s Potato.
  80. Fly Away Potato.
  81. My Potato.
  82. Potato Floats.
  83. Joe Versus the Potato.
  84. The Ghosts of Potatoes Past.
  85. Potatoes in the Outfield.
  86. Potato of the Year.
  87. American Potato.
  88. A Kid in King Arthur’s Potato.
  89. All Dogs Go to Potato.
  90. The Land Before Potato.
  91. The Sound of Potato.
  92. South Potato.
  93. The Ten Potatoes.
  94. Where the Red Potato Grows.
  95. Swiss Family Potato.
  96. The Potato Trap.
  97. In Search of the Potatoes.
  98. 20,000 Leagues Under the Potato.
  99. The Fifth Potato.
  100. Potato Harbor.

And the titles keep on coming! Once I had the first one, it was like a dam broke, and all these other ideas came surging forth. It was amazing.

If only coming up with book titles was this easy. 😀

I started working on The Lokana Chronicles again this weekend, after ignoring it for most of the last year. It’s been difficult to ignore my inner editor and the horrendous Self-Doubt Demon with its humongous megaphone, but I’m doing it. I’m rewriting the second story in the series right now because I just can’t quite figure out the first.

But a funny thing happened this noon as I was working on this story. I had an idea for the first story in the series. It may not make it to the final draft, or it may find it’s way into a different part of the story altogether, but it’s a start. The ideas for are starting to percolate again, slowly but surely. I’m feeling energized again, at least in terms of my writing.

And let me tell you, that is a FABULOUS feeling.

I think 2017 is going to be a great big do-over. 2016 was pretty sucktastic, but it’s over and done with now. Time to move on.

Time to get back to work.

Do you do brainstorming exercises like this? Do they help? Have you seen this meme around? What were some of your favorite titles? Drop ’em in the comments – I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.


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