Spring at last!

If there’s a better way to start off spring than with a beautiful sunrise, I don’t know it.

How did the first day of spring treat you?

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Winds of Change

Late winter winds bring
With them signs of change, a shift
In temperatures,

A promise of warmth
And joy and fun in the sun
And good times to come.

Yes, the winter winds
Bring with them change, and gladly
Is that change received.

(c) 2017. All rights reserved.

Home With Me

In the snow I see
You marching, proud and free and
Heading home to me.

In the snow I love
You as our passion melts the
Dying winter’s tears.

In the snow I see
You dancing, proud and safe and
Happy here with me.

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Spring into…winter?

It seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind about what season this is supposed to be. We had a thunderstorm Friday that was quickly followed by a snowstorm, which meant my drive home from work was super interesting.

It also meant that my drive to work yesterday morning was super pretty.


Luckily, the ice hadn’t yet melted when I went home, so I was able to shoot these beauties. But pictures don’t really do them justice – these trees, they were silver. And iridescent. It was such a beautiful day to be out!

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The Wind in the Willows

The wind in the willows
Sings me to sleep,
A lullaby sung in
The key of my dreams.

The wind in the willows
Whispers so sweet,
Of love and of hope
And of things that I need.

But the wind in the willows
Is only a dream.
Nothing more, nothing less,
Not at all what it seems.

Yet the wind in the willows
Still beckons to me,
And though I know it’s not real,
It’s a call I must heed,

For the wind in the willows
Sings only to me,
A lullaby tune
Like a soft summer breeze.

The wind in the willows
Will bless me with peace,
And I’ll live forever
In the land of sweet dreams.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Silver Lips

The great sky god bends
Down from his lofty home to
Kiss his earth-bound love

With silver lips, to
Rouse her from another long
Sleep, smiling as she

Blooms before him. Glad
To see her sky-bound husband
Happy once again,

She clothes herself in
Finest flowers and they dance
Off into the night.

(c) 2016. All rights reserved.

Sweet Sunshine

The sweet scent of fresh-
Cut grass lingers in the air
As the storm rolls in.

Dandelions whip
Back and forth in the wind, but
Still the scent remains

Of sunny days and
Sweet green grass, of happiness
And friendship and fun.

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(c) 2016. All rights reserved.